The Tokyo is quick and easy to assemble and very simple to use. Horses and ponies willingly step on the horse-friendly non slip green rubber surface making the weighing process easy even with very fit horses or youngstock.

The weighbridge is a very valuable tool to enable owners not only to feed their horses more accurately, but as a guide for worming and other medications.

The Tokyo models are an exciting addition to our current Horse Weigh machine on TopSpec’s Middle Park Farm Research Unit and enables us to provide a very useful yard weighing and feed advice service to Riding Clubs, Livery yards, Studs and Competition yards.”

Katy Mickle, BSc (Hons),
Senior Nutritionalist, TopSpec Equine Ltd, North Yorkshire, U.K.

TopSpec took delivery of the first Tokyo model in December 2010. They now have 5 Tokyos in operation, throughout their UK technical & sales teams.

The portable scale we purchased from Horse Weigh is utilized for our field research trials. The ability of the scale to come apart and be transported easily, while remaining strong and secure during use was the most important feature for us. We have used steel scales for field research before but they are very difficult to move around the farm and always required electrical power. The battery power of the Horse Weigh scale also makes it convenient and easy to use. We have not had a horse yet that would not get on this scale! Thank you for helping us with our research efforts.”

Mary Beth Gordon, Ph.D.,
DVM, Clinical Veterinarian, Small Animal Section Leader,
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Ames, Iowa, USA

I am personally very impressed with your design. It was the product I got the most excited about at the 2009 AAEP trade show.”

Teresa K. Drotar,
Director of Equine Research and New Product Development,
Purina Feed, Gray Summit, MO 63030, USA

Following a recommendation from Teresa Drotar in September 2010, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) took delivery of two units – an Olympic and a Newmarket.

I was using the ‘original’ weighbridge last week with Team GBR, do you know it is now nearly 14 years old ….. what an investment!!!”

Dodson and Horrell’s Senior Nutrition Manager, Northamptonshire, U.K.

What first gave us confidence was that Horse Weigh only deals in weighing machines and not a wide variety of products. Their knowledge of their product was outstanding and they were able to give us a great deal of advice on which machine best suited our needs.

Liphook Equine Hospital, Forest Mere, Liphook, Hampshire, U.K.