ERS ID Chip Scanner

ERS ID Chip Scanner


A very easily used, handheld ID Chip Scanner that quickly records the chip in horses’ necks.

The Chip Scanner will send the data directly through to the following read out units :

EziWeigh 7
ID5000 Bluetooth
XR5000 Bluetooth

Its read distance is up to 5cms, (2 inches) from either side of the horse’s neck.

Key Features

  • Easily pairs to other Bluetooth devices
  • Full colour display with backlight
  • 100% Water and dust proof
  • Memory store of 4,000 chips
  • Range 300mm
  • Battery will last for 8 hours if reading one tag per every 3 seconds
  • Membrane keypad

This model is compatible to all management programmes, i.e Microsoft, Farmplan, Agridata etc.

Management Programmes can be downloaded off the internet, F.O.C., on request (

Interface cables are supplied with the XR 5000.


Size: 225 mms x 105mms x 40 mms (W x H x D)
Weight: 300 grams (11 oz)
Communications:: Bluetooth® Class 2 to weight read out unit (indicator) only
Operating temperature: -10°C to 55°C, 85% RH non condensing
Storage temperature: -20°C to 45°C, 85% RH non condensing
Reading distance: Up to 5cms from side of neck
Read rate: 1 chip every 3 seconds
Tag Compatibility : Reads ISO HDX and ISO FDX – B
Internal battery: Run time 8 hours if reading a tag every 3 seconds, fully rechargeable
Power requirements: Charged from 5V adaptor through USB Mini-B connector
Ingress Protection: IP67 100% water and dust proof

ERS ID Chip Scanner Quickstart Guide (PDF)


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Assembly Instructions

Indicator Selection Guide

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