XRS ID Chip Reader

XRS ID Chip Reader


A truly portable, handheld EID reader that was comfortable to use over long periods of time.

The XRS ID Chip Reader can work alongside and report to the following read-out units:

EziWeigh 7
ID5000 Bluetooth
XR5000 Bluetooth

Its read distance is 150mm or 6 inches, and from either side of the horse’s neck.

All Bluetooth EziWeigh 7 users can use their Smartphones to easily download data stored on their XRS ID Chip Reader.

For more details see:

Tru-Test Data Link For Smartphones
Tru-Test Data Link App For Android
Apple Mac Compatibility
Frequently Asked Questions
Using Tru-Test Data Link App

Key Features

  • Reads all HDX and FDX-B tags
  • 20,000 scanned tag memory
  • 15,000 EID/VID pairs
  • 50 sessions
  • Vibrating handle to alert on tag read
  • Loud beeper and 2 super bright LEDs for alerts
  • Duplicate discard option
  • Daylight viewable large display with EID and visual number displayed
  • Bluetooth® for wireless roaming while still connected to the weigh scale indicator or other devices
  • Auto find Bluetooth® pairing and connection, retains a list of 10 previously paired Bluetooth® devices
  • Rugged water and dust proof IP67 enclosure
  • Customisable alerts for pre-chosen animals, e.g. Withheld (load up to 10,000 alerts onto the XRS Stick Reader — 254 unique messages)
  • Enter customised data, like health treatments or condition scores, against individual animals (pre-set list of up to 10 options)
  • Comes with EziLinkTM software to enable exporting and importing of data and set up of alerts

This model is compatible to all management programmes, i.e Microsoft, Farmplan, Agridata etc.

Management Programmes can be downloaded off the internet, F.O.C., on request (www.tru-test.com).

Interface cables are supplied with the XR 5000.


Size: 650 mm
Weight: 700g, including battery
Communications:: Bluetooth® Class 1, 100 m range RS232
Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C (+14 to +122°F)
Storage temperature: –20 to +45°C (-4 to +113°F)
Reading distance: HDX up to 330 mm, FDX up to 350 mm
Read rate: Up to 1,100 reads per minute
Tag Compatibility : Reads ISO HDX and ISO FDX-B
Internal battery: Charging time = 3 hours in normal conditions
Run time = 19 hours of push to read, 9.5 hours of continuous read
Auto power off = 15 minutes
Power requirements: Supplied power adaptor
Software: Tru-Test EziLink™ (software CD provided)
Ingress Protection: IP67, 100% water and dust proof



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