Key Points

  • The all new ‘Space Age’ mobile weighing platform suitable for many types of animal.
  • Using Formula One and aerospace technology this is our lightest and most mobile weighing platform.
  • Astroturf flooring – Our extensive in house trials have shown that our Astroturf flooring is at least 50% quieter for the horses when walking on/off the Horse Weigh platforms, as compared to our previously supplied green and black rubber flooring surfaces.
  • Supplied with the EziWeigh 7i Bluetooth digital read-out unit. 
  • 60% lighter than previous lightweight models
  • Transporting bags and component boxes are supplied with the product
  • 24 months warranty – Please do not carry out any of the following otherwise our 24 months warranty is immediately invalidated.

1. Do not move our weighing platforms with a tractor or forklift, as you will, without fail, badly damage the electronics that are underneath the weighing platforms.

2. Do not weigh horses on our weighing platforms with studs in their shoes, these must be completely removed prior to weighing.


The Goodwood scales provide versatility and accuracy to weigh stock in any location. With its low profile, horses willingly step on to the unit, making it easy to use.

The Royal Studs, Sandringham, Norfolk, U.K.

The Goodwood film is presented by Willie Carson, OBE, and features footage of the Goodwood in action.

The Goodwood Weighing Platform introduced by Willie Carson

Goodwood Testing

Tested at:

Shadwell Estate Co Ltd – Nunnery Stud and Melton Paddocks
The Royal Studs

We have received the following comments from the test sites :

We couldn’t believe how easily our Thoroughbred foals walked onto the Goodwood, and stayed on it. We were amazed when we weighed 20 foals in just 30 minutes, out in the paddocks. So much time has been saved, as well as less stress for all the foals and mares.”

We very much like the Goodwood, it is very accurate, light, so mobile and incredibly quiet for the horses; the astroturf is a great surface for our Thoroughbreds to walk onto, as it is so quiet; the Goodwood is so close to the ground, the foals hardly realize they are walking onto it”

The Goodwood has been rigorously tested for three months during the foaling and covering season, from April to June inclusive, leading up to its launch at the Coronation Festival, at Buckingham Palace. It was also tested by Thoroughbred stallions at the Nunnery Stud and Melton Paddocks, where Thoroughbred and Arab racehorse rehabilitation horses were weighed, as well as unraced youngsters. Differing weighing surfaces were used on gentle gradients, and it was found that the accuracies as well as the ease of use of the Goodwood, were retained.

Product weight28.4Kg (62.5lbs) 2 equal pieces, each weighing 14.2kgs (31.25Ibs)
Platform height from ground6.3cm (2.48”)
Dimensions1.92m x 0.96m (75.6” x 37.8”)
Assembly timeLess than 2 minutes
Weight read-out unitEziWeigh 7
Maximum weight capacity1500kg (3300lbs)
Overload Capacity3000kgs (6600 lbs) i.e. any sudden movement – for example a horse rearing
ConstructionComplete aluminium construction + high quality “non-slip” green astroturf flooring