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Olympic Plus





This revolutionary technology detects and monitors potential problems in the lower fore and hind legs, of equine athletes.

Horse Weigh’s exit ramp has been altered to allow horses to move forward whilst their hind legs are captured by the camera.

Key Points

  • It is non-invasive and user friendly
  • It provides instant data on secure network
  • A complete scan history is stored and easily retrievable
  • It provides a quick, accurate weight record
  • Guaranteed to +/- 1%
  • It is a quiet weighing and scanning environment
  • Horses do not need to stand still
  • Able to pick up changes in leg temperature undetectable to hand or eye
  • All lower leg scans stored for future reference
  • Comes with EziWeigh 7 digital electronic read-out unit
  • 12 month warranty


Platform height from ground 11.2 cm (4.4″)
Horse standing area 2.14 m long x 1.22 m wide (84.3″ x 48″)
Ramps Entry ramp
0.8 m long x 1.22 m (31.5″ x 48″)
Exit ramp
1.275 m x 1.22 m (50.2″ x 48″)
Green rubber “Quirky” horses will go on green rubber most readily, even in the desert
Maximum weight capacity 1500 kg (3300 lbs)
Overload capacity 3000 kg (6600 lbs) – i.e. any sudden movement – for example, a horse rearing
Product weight 270kgs


No horses with studs in their shoes must be weighed on this product. Studs must be removed from all the shoes, before any weighing takes place.

Please note that prices are not published on this website. These are available on request from William Bedell at william@horseweigh.com. If you are not located In the U.K., please state in which country you are located in.

For UK orders there is a £200.00 + VAT delivery charge.

Delivery time for UK - 10 working days.


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