Contributing to saving the Environment with the NEW SPS Composting Machines!

Reduce your companies carbon footprint…..

The World’s Best Composting Machines are coming to Europe and the UK

Turn up to 97% of organic waste into useable compost.

The highly advanced SPS range can consume all types of ‘Organic Waste’

SET saves many clients money by reducing waste at source and in return every business gives back to the environment.

SET is known for; ‘Solving the whole process of ‘Organic Waste’ and closing the loop.’

Turning ‘Food Waste into Food Resources’ is the importance of SET’s vision towards diverting from landfill and achieving its goals!

The mechanical shaft is all our models ensures equal distribution of the enzyme, which ‘eats away’ at the organic waste, and the heating process reduces the mositure content. You are then left with a nutritious compost, which can be sold as a fertiliser.


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