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Due to the strong position of the pound, Kraft Walkers are now 20% cheaper than they were in Spring 2014.


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Our 8 x 16m oval water walkers "in action" in Germany; its installation was completed in August 2011.
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Two new videos are also available. The first features the Oval walker, installed at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, and the second is from the USA.

Horse Weigh
Horse Weigh is a company that provides a range of horse weighing platforms. It is also the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Kraft Horse Walkers.

Kraft Water Walkers
Oval and Round


Horse Wellness produces the patent Water Horse Walker. Due to its design as well as the technical and structural characteristics it provides many physical and therapeutic benefits for your horses, which is why trainers, rehabilitation and veterinary yards are using them.


Water Walker

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The water level can be varied from 10cms to 1m in height. Each level of water gives horses different work, to different parts of their bodies. When the water is at 1m high it will also help to carry the weight of a horse so a horse recovering from injury can be supported and still have aerobic exercise.

Horses do not swim but walk through water and move freely within the corridor with the added benefit of being able to change directions.

The computerized control panel allows one to program the rhythm of the pace and reverse directions at preset intervals.

An automatic safety device stops the rotation of the horse walker if the need arises.

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Water walker at Shane Fouhy’s, Hampshire, with the roll-up gates.



Nearly completed water walker, at Shane Fouhy's.



The water runs through a continuous filtration system to which salt is added for control of bacteria. Chlorine may also be added for extra bio-security.

The Water Walker can also be used during the winter months with proper covering and a heating system for both water and air.

The system can be equipped with a hydro-massage device with 24 jets; a current generating device that produces more resistance which in turn results in better toning of the muscles; as well as a water heating/cooling system which keeps the temperature constant during all seasons.

Optional features provide a total personalization of the entire project that can be built according to our clients’ needs and wishes.

Our Water Walker is completely pre-fabricated and thus reduces installation costs and time (approximately 30 days for the entire installation).

Water walker in Yorkshire, completed in March 2014

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