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Due to the strong position of the pound, Kraft Walkers are now 20% cheaper than they were in Spring 2014.

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Please note that telephone and fax numbers for William Bedell have recently changed

We can arrange for clients to visit existing oval and round walker installations in the UK via appointment, before making your purchasing decision. For further details please contact William Bedell:

Tel: +44 (0) 1939 220667
Mobile: +44 (0) 7774 783247
Fax: +44 (0) 1939 220667

After Sales Service and Repairs Engineer for UK and Ireland
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Please contact:
Paul Cornwell, at Cornwell Contracting, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Tel: 07771 528862


The Spanish Riding School of Vienna - Kraft Video
Watch a video of the world's largest Oval walker, installed at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Click on the image below and then select Kraft Video 3.

Kraft video teaser - Spanish Riding School of Vienna

The video is currently in German. English subtitles will be available soon. Other videos are also available, including Kraft's new video from the USA.

Horse Weigh
Horse Weigh is a company that provides a range of horse weighing platforms. It is also the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Kraft Horse Walkers.

Kraft Walkers

Question? Why cannot horse walkers be made to have a straight line?

This has been asked many times by our clients, both in Europe and the USA.

After much thought a “NEW” oval walker was developed.

Research was done, at the Vet School, Bristol University, on the effects of always turning in a circle on horses’ legs and joints. Read The Report, from Paul Farrington BVetMed.,MRCVS, Dr. David Martin BSc. Hons.,PhD, and Dr. Bob Colborne.


Newly completed 15m x 30m oval with full roof.

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)


Kraft have built more than 1500 individually crafted horse walkers in the last 13 years. No two walkers are exactly the same as every walker is built especially for each client, with their own preferences incorporated in the fencing, roofing, gates, and other variations.

Kraft is always trying to improve the walkers. Recent extras are listed below.


Horses enjoy being in water.

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)


The photographs below show the new roll-up gates, which provide easy access for an emergency and for cleaning.


Roll-up gates down in Oval Walker.

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)



Roll-up gates down in Water Walker.

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)



Roll-up gates rolled for cleaning.

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)



The interior of the Round Walker.

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)



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