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Due to the strong position of the pound, Kraft Walkers are now 20% cheaper than they were in Spring 2014.


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The Spanish Riding School of Vienna - Kraft Video
Watch a video of the world's largest Oval walker, installed at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Click on the image below and then select Kraft Video 3.

Kraft video teaser - Spanish Riding School of Vienna

The video is currently in German. English subtitles will be available soon. Other videos are also available, including Kraft's new video from the USA.

Horse Weigh
Horse Weigh is a company that provides a range of horse weighing platforms. It is also the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Kraft Horse Walkers.

Kraft Oval Walkers

Kraft Oval horse walkers are selling throughout their 50 countries, with the first ones delivered in 2002; in the UK, out of every 10 walker sales, 7 are for their oval walker.

The “dual “rail gliding machinery operates over the horses’ heads moving the horse dividing gates round.

A frame system that can move around corners holds the moving gates, which are stabilised on each side by guide wheels and connected by a pipe-profiled chain in the centre. This chain connects the moving gates to one another and pulls the entire walker sections through the established route.

This new system enables one to walk the horses in a straight line and make good use of the arena space. It is also possible to have a square & circular pattern with this “duel” rail gliding system construction. Since the moving gates are supported by a frame construction, the gates are more stable than the conventional walker style. As a result of this, the moving gates can also be constructed with more durable and heavier materials.

The latest Oval Kraft walker to be built in the UK is in Newmarket at Longholes Stud, Cheveley. It has a full roof, a horse entrance porch and measures 10m x 20m for 10 horses.

Longholes Stud, Cheveley, Newmarket

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)


The largest oval walker in the world is at the Spanish Riding School, which measures 21m x 41m and can accommodate 20 horses.

Spanish Riding School

(Click on the photograph for a larger version)


The sizes of the ovals can vary from 8m x 16m (5 horse) to 10m x 40m (16 horses), and can be as large as 25m x 100m (approximately 30 horses), and like the round ones they can all have a full roof, a partial roof or no roof.

Bespoke size ovals are also available, as per individual client requirements. The colours of the roof can be in a variety of colours, and there is also a wide choice of roofing materials. The inner and outer fences are either in hard wood or soft wood; the former is far more popular, as they hold their new look for much longer, and do not require regular wood treatments, as the soft wood does.

There are also various individual fence options available. Very high quality bespoke rubber flooring for all horse walkers is also available for the horse exercise area; this gives the maximum cushioning for the horse’s joints and ligaments, and 9 out of 10 clients select this option.

A square walker can also be built such as a 20m x 20m walker in Leicestershire.

A wind net can be added to keep the wind off the horses in winter and then rolled up in summer to allow the air to circulate freely.

Click on each photograph for a larger version

10m x 20m

With full roof.

Located at::
Private stud, Germany


15m x 30m

With full roof storage area, or turn-out area, for rehabilitation horses.


15m x 30m

With entrance porch with wind net.


10m x 20m

With partial roof.


10m x 30m

Oval Walker during construction.


15m x 30m

Inner during construction.


15m x 30m

With full roof.


Interior of Oval Walker


Horse leaving via covered entrance



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