Horse Weigh Golden Rules

Rule 1

Please note: All Kentucky & Badminton clients / users

The platform (and ramps) must be stable and may be used on gently sloping gradients. Any rocking can be stopped by inserting a 30 cm ^ 2 metal plate. Ensure that the underside of the platform and between the black rubber feet and loadbar is kept clear of dirt and stones as this will cause fluctuating / scrolling weights.

Once a week a narrow instrument (i.e. a screwdriver, or similar), must be run around the pit wall between the wall and the platform to release any small stones or chippings that may have become lodged there. This would give light horse weights as the platform would not be able to work independently.

Rule 2

During use, join the black screw caps on the blue cables with the black screw caps on the read-out unit (User Guide page 2.). After use, replace all black screw caps on the blue cables and read-out unit when detaching the read-out unit. This good management will stop any damp / water / dust / sand lodging inside the cables / read-out unit. If this happens it can be dried out by using a hairdryer for 5-10 minutes. (damp / water / dust / sand will cause fluctuating/scrolling weights.)

Rule 3

Eziweigh 2 users

Before first use, charge up overnight. Do not recharge until the read-out unit shows “batt” and 5-10 minutes later switches itself off. Charging the flat battery will take 6 hours, between 10–35 degrees C. extending to 12 hours at high or low temps. The battery is protected from overcharging. This good management will therefore give an internal battery run time of 8 hours or approximately 500 animal weighings, when in continuous use.

EziWeigh 5, 6 and 7 users

Before first use, charge up for 4 hours. Subsequent charges can take place at any time the user wants to. A fully charged battery will have a run time of 20 hours (backlight off). Please note how many bars are showing in the battery charge icon in the top right hand corner of the read-out screen, as a guide, to when re-charging is required. These units have a fast charging facility, so for the second and all subsequent charges, only 3 hours will be required to fully charge the unit. Also a 1 hour charge will give 8 hours run time.

Rule 4

EziWeigh 2 users

For the UK, the mains adapter for charging must be on the 12v setting. (for pre. 01-08-06 orders) NOTE: Charging adaptor connections – Red to Red, Black to Black. (Black to Blue for pre. 01-08-06 orders). “Charging E-F” must be scrolling for the read-out unit to charge; if not or “L.Volt” appears, check the 12v setting or for loose connections. Overseas countries may require a different volt setting for “charging E-F” to appear. (for pre. 01-08-06 orders).

EziWeigh 5, 6 and 7 users

Red to Red, Black to Black, and mains adaptor is standard, so no different volt settings.

Rule 5

EziWeigh 2 users

If “batt” appears whilst in use a mains booster charge for 20-30 mins will give enough power for approximately 30 mins use. Accuracy will be maintained. This must NOT be done on a regular basis as the battery will develop a memory. Please note: the platform indicator can be used while charging.

EziWeigh 5, 6 and 7 users

Use the battery charge level icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, as a guide. Re-charging is permitted at any time. A 1 hour charge will give a battery run time of 8 hours.

Rule 6

For all weighing platforms with filled in sides – Olympic and Curragh models – if the filled in sides become loose the user must tighten the top 20 mm nut first from left to right, on each corner, and then tighten the bottom nut, also from left to right.

Rule 7

Please regularly read the EziWeigh User Guide for other operating rules.

Rule 8

The cables are reinforced with 3 layers of rubber, so they are robustly protected.

However if horses are regularly walking over them, then it would be sensible to put a rubber matt or similar over them for further protection & averting a possible trip hazard for people & horses combined.

Definitely users must not walk horses over the blue cables, whom have studs in their shoes, as the studs will definitely damage them.

Rule 9

All users of the Mini Tokyo-Thoroughbred and Mini Tokyo must apply Lanolin grease to the sliding parts of their weighbridge and it needs to be done every so often depending on use.

Rule 10

No horses with studs in their shoes must be weighed on this product. Studs must be removed from all the shoes before any weighing takes place.

Rule 11

Please do not move our weights with a tractor or forklift, as you will, without fail badly damage the electronics that are underneath the weight. Then our 24 months warranty is immediately invalidated.


For any other queries contact Horse Weigh on +44(0)7774 783247 or+44 (0)1939 220667. You can also email us at: