Horse Weigh Ludlow Platform
Horse Weigh Ludlow weighing platform


This new model weighs only 61kgs (134.5 lbs) and comes with its own pair of carrying handles, which are quickly detachable, so that it can easily be moved around the yard to the most convenient places, from foaling barn to training yard.

The platform surface is the same high quality astro turf (artificial grass) as that which is used on the top of the range Goodwood model, giving a very quiet weighing environment for the horse.

The Ludlow comes with the same electronics that all the other models from Horse Weigh have, so that the read- out unit may be hand held or wall mounted.

The Ludlow model was officially launched at the 2016 British Equine Veterinary Association, (BEVA) congress, in Birmingham, U.K.

This model has been tested at the well-known Fyrnwy Equine Clinic at their headquarters in Baschurch, Shropshire, U.K. Jim Tipp, BVSc., MRCVS., senior partner, says “all in-patients have been weighed on this model. It has been easy to use and accurate.”

Key Points

  • Extra quiet surface – the astro turf/ artificial grass. Our extensive in house trials have shown that our Astroturf flooring is at least 50% quieter for the horses when walking on/off the Horse Weigh platforms, as compared to our previously supplied green and black rubber flooring surfaces.
  • Easily portable around yard with its two carrying handles
  • Additional option available for detachable wheels for easy moving with one person.
  • Comes complete with a hand-held “easy to use” EziWeigh 7i Bluetooth digital electronic read-out unit which is mains rechargeable
  • Comparisons for all the Weight Read-Out Indicators available as extra.
  • 24 months warranty/guarantee on all new models – please do not carry out any of the following otherwise our 24 months warranty is immediately invalidated. 

1. Do not move our weighing platforms with a tractor or forklift, as you will, without fail, badly damage the electronics that are underneath the weighing platforms.

2. Do not weigh horses on our weighing platforms with studs in their shoes, these must be completely removed prior to weighing.

3) For any damage caused to our electronics by rodents, including rats, then this damage is “not” covered under our 24 month warranty. We therefore strongly recommend all clients to have a robust rodent protection policy in place at all times.


  • Product weight 61.5kgs (135.5lbs)
  • Platform height from ground 10.8cms (4.25”)
  • Dimensions 2.2m (86.6”) x 1.0m (39.5”)
  • Max weight capacity 1000 kgs (2204.62lbs)
  • Overload capacity 2000 kgs (4409.25lbs)
  • Construction: Complete aluminium construction + high quality “non-slip” green astroturf flooring


The astroturf (artificial grass) is a very quiet weighing surface for all horses, as well as easily washable; the 2 carrying handles are quickly attached or detached.

Please note that this model may be used for a recessed pit installation; for any client wishing to use this model within a pit contact William Bedell for the applicable drawings of dimensions.

This model cannot be upgraded to any other model.



Now available with detachable wheels as an additional extra.

This great feature allows the Ludlow platform to be easily moved by one person. Only one handle is required and the wheels have no fiddly nuts or bolts to undo. Watch our assembly video below to see just how easy our Ludlow transport wheels are to use.

Ask our team about the additional option when ording your Ludlow weighing plaform.