Olympic horse weigh


The Horse Weigh Olympic model is our best seller across 37 countries due to it versitle use for all breeds of horses. It is ideal for use with foals, young stock, mares, stallions and all competition horses, particularly 2 and 3 year old “Flat” race horses.

Suitable for all types of horses including heavy horses and across all types of disciplines. It is 25% wider than the Curragh model and features Foamex lined inner sides.

Our Olympic model is the horse weighing platform of choice for many prestigious events including the Olympics, Paralympics, Major 3 Day Events such as Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials.

Also the platform of choice for both GB and NI national teams and squads since 2008. Alongside top competition yards, vets and racecourses.


Key points

  • Astroturf flooring (artificial grass). Our extensive in house trials have shown that our Astroturf flooring is at least 50% quieter for the horses when walking on/off the Horse Weigh platforms, as compared to our previously supplied green and black rubber flooring surfaces.
  • Foamex lined inner sides, so as to reduce the noise when a shod horse hits the sides with its shoe
  • Comes with free transporting trolley / dolley, which means that it can be easily manoeuvred by all stable staff (See: Users of the Olympic)
  • Comes complete with a hand-held ‘easy to use’ JR5000 Bluetooth digital electronic read-out unit which is mains rechargeable
  • Comparisons for all the Weight Read-Out Indicators available as extra.
  • 24 months warranty/guarantee on all new models – Please do not carry out any of the following otherwise our 24 months warranty is immediately invalidated.

1. Do not move our weighing platforms with a tractor or forklift, as you will, without fail, badly damage the electronics that are underneath the weighing platforms.

2. Do not weigh horses on our weighing platforms with studs in their shoes, these must be completely removed prior to weighing.



Product weight185 kg (408 lbs)
Platform height from ground11.2 cm (4.4″)
DimensionsHorse standing area – 2.14 m long x 1.22 m wide (84.3″ x 48″)
Ramps0.8 m long x 1.22 m wide (31.5″ x 48″)
Width comparison25% wider than our standard models – Curragh, Newmarket, Badminton, Burghley and Kelso
ConstructionComplete aluminium construction + high quality “non-slip” astroturf flooring
Green Surface“quirky” horses will go on the green surface most readily, even in the desert
Maximum weight capacity1500 kg (3300 lbs)
Overload capacity3000 kg (6600 lbs) – i.e. any sudden movement – for example, a horse rearing