About Horse Weigh®

Suppliers of all Horse Weighing Platforms
to the Olympics & Paralympics Games:

– London 2012
– Beijing 2008

Our platforms were used throughout the equestrian events

UK based with Distributors Worldwide

Supplying 36 Countries

Horse Weigh is the ultimate in Horse Weighbridges, Horse Weighing Platforms and Horse Weighing Scales.

Developed in 1992, the Horse Weigh machine is a lightweight platform (also known as a horse weighbridge or equine scales), that is both user and horse friendly.

Nine of the models are completely mobile and all are fabricated from high quality aluminium, thus keeping all products of a strong construction but light for easy mobility. The structural aluminium frame is high quality welded with bolts/nuts of stainless steel – making all models rust proof and long lasting. All platforms are covered with a high quality “non-slip” rubber flooring, to give a quiet weighing environment for all equine. All platforms are walk on/walk off, and the Olympic and Curragh have removable filled in sides.

Horse Weigh is easily transported around the stable yard (Mobility). Alternatively it can easily be taken to events/race meetings or other yards, and erected in minutes. Horse Weigh can be used on any solid surface and on a gradient of up to a 10cm fall from front to the back of the platform. It may be left outside at all times.

Horse Weigh uses state of the art electronic weighing technology (EziWeigh) from New Zealand, and is very easy to use. Powered by an internal mains rechargeable battery, it guarantees +/-1% accuracy or 2 resolutions (whichever is greater). The horse weight stabilises out a few seconds after the horse walks onto the platform, despite any subsequent sudden horse movements. When fully charged the battery life provides at least 8 hours continual weighing (approximately 500 horse weighings). It will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity. No Calibration is ever required and the load cells are not affected by changes in temperature. The EziWeigh technology is so advanced that it automatically zeros out any straw/shavings/manure on the platform between horse weighings.

PC compatibility is also available within our technology range for all 13 models. For more information click – Mobility

Horse Weigh will accurately weigh the smallest to the largest of horses. Horse Weigh has a maximum capacity of 1500kg (overload capacity 3000kg i.e. if a horse rears etc.). Duringtheengineeringdevelopmentstage,staticloadtestswerecarriedouttoconfirmthestructuraldesign calculations,whichwerebasedonBritishStandards,andtochecktheadequacyoftheprincipalwelds.All models are field trialled for a minimum of a year, in clients’ yards, prior to market launch.

All areas of the equine world are now finding the Horse Weigh invaluable for monitoring horse’s peak fitness weights in order to monitor dehydration and maintain peak fitness.

Please note that prices are not published on this website. These are available on request from William Bedell at william@horseweigh.com.

For UK orders we do have a £300.00 +VAT delivery charge

Delivery time for UK – 10 working days