• Carry out the check weigh procedure annually or bi-annually; note the results


  • Select 0.1kg (0.22Ib) increment on the weight read-out unit


  • Use known ”dead weights” such as tractor ballast weights, ideally to a total weight of 60kgs (132Ibs); 4-5 x large liquid containers would also be suitable, filled with water or sand, & calibrated (to the nearest 0.1kg/0.2Ib) at a licensed food outlet, such as a farm shop.  Please do not use any type of produce, as they may have dried out since their packaging, & therefore will have lost weight. Mark the calibrated weights on the containers to the nearest  1kg/0.2Ib, and securely store them


Please make sure that the weights of the dead weights – if stamped on them – are correct and accurate to 0.1kg (0.22Ib)


  • Place the known dead weights in the “middle” of the weighing platform & note their weight on the weight read-out unit


  • The registered weight must be within +/-1% of their weight, to be performing within the Horse Weigh accuracy guarantee – for example
  • for 60kgs (132Ibs) of dead weight, the registered weight must read between 59.4kgs (130.7Ibs) & 60.6kgs (133.3Ibs)
  • If not, then inspect for the following:
  • there are no cuts in the blue cables
  • the blue cables are not caught under the black rubber feet of the weighing platform & “all the black rubber feet are very very tight”
  • the blue cables are correctly attached to the weight read-out unit
  • the weighing platform is not touching any walls or barriers
  • there is no build-up of materials underneath the weighing platform
            If any of the above 5 scenarios are found, then correct, as required


  • Carry out Steps 2 – 5 again; if still not registering within +/-1% of the known dead weight, contact Horse Weigh (see below) or the Horse Weigh After Sales Service Department –


  • If applicable, re-select the weight read-out increment used prior to 2) above


Please Note – at the time of manufacture, the weighing platform load cells are calibrated; this lasts for their life time, as their calibration technology is sealed. However, if a major repair is required at the factory/at one of the Horse Weigh After Sales Service Centres, then prior to their re-use, the load cells/bars are re-calibrated


                               Steps 1-8 then become applicable once again