Product Mobility

All Horse Weigh products are designed to be as mobile as possible.

The Goodwood is very easy to carry to a distant weighing location

Makes loading very easy and quick

Trailer Loading Transporter

The Trailer Loading Transporter is an additional accessory for use with all products, for loading the platform onto a trailer, lorry / truck or pickup / utility vehicle with ramps.

The transporter is quickly and simply attached to all platforms by snapping shut two over-centre catches. On arrival at the weighing location, the two over-centre catches are then snapped open, and the platform removed from the two piece transporter.

Curragh being transported…

..and being moved over paddocks

The Olympic on the move at a stud

The Mini Tokyo-Thoroughbred fits easily
into the back of the small Hyundai i20

The Mini Tokyo fits comfortably into the
back of a VW Golf

The Mini Tokyo components are easy to carry

The Ludlow is easily carried, by using its 2 detachable carrying handles.

Interested parties can apply to for prices.