SRS2 Horse Chip Reader



Keep track of individual animals with the easy-to-use, ergonomically designed SRS2 Horse Chip Reader.

Suitable for horses, camels, cattle, sheep and deer, the SRS2 features a large, highly readable screen to display the session count, EIDs and pre-loaded VID numbers.

Bluetooth® wireless technology connects with your Weigh Scale Indicator and means you can easily send session information via the Data Link smartphone app.

Large sunlight viewable 2.7” colour LCD screen makes it easy to read.
Fast tag reads with feedback through vibrating handle.
Quick access keys for simple navigation.
Wirelessly connect with your weigh scale indicator using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
Practical and safe to use with long reach.
Rugged and ergonomic design.
Easily download recorded information using your Windows* computer or Apple iOS*/Android* smartphone.


  • Clear information. Captures EIDs, pre-loaded VID numbers and session count.
  • Reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B tags.
  • Large memory. 250,000 scanned tag memory.
  • Wireless connection. Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect to the weigh scale
  • Long life and fast charging battery. Up to 19 hours of push to read operation and 9.5 hours of continuous read.
  • Free software. Easily download recorded information using your Windows* computer, iPhone* or Android* smartphone.
  • Read performance. Reads up to 1,100 tags per minute.
  • Visual IDs and duplicates. Options to display a visual ID for scanned animals and to discard duplicate IDs.
  • Easy to see. Large sunlight viewable 2.7” (41 mm x 55 mm) colour LCD screen makes it easy to read information.
  • Long reach. 650 mm reach length enables you to keep a safe distance when scanning lively animals.
  • Ergonomically designed. Comfortable to use over long periods of time.
  • Rugged design. All Tru-Test products are proven for the tough agricultural environment, with an IP67 waterproof design.


SRS2 Stick Reader Quickstart Guide (PDF)