Tokyo – Thoroughbred

“Super” mobile and small car transportable. NOW 20% LIGHTER.

Tokyo – Thoroughbred


Horse Weigh announces the new mini-Tokyo Thoroughbred model.
81.95kg is the new weight, including the ramps and guide rails
17.25kg is the weight of each end piece.
14.2kg is the weight of the middle section.
This model has had extensive trials with a U.K. feed firm weighing all shapes and sizes of horses including one at 850kg. Their Health and Saftey department have endorsed the new model as not only is it easier to carry but it also fits neatly on the back compartment of an estate car leaving the back seats and front seats as protection from any forward movement in an accident.
With this new design there is no tipping of the platform even though the dimensions are smaller than the standard Tokyo model.
The dimensions of the standing area are: 1.870m x 0.850m (73.5″ x 33.5″)


The Tokyo – Thoroughbred has been designed specifically so it can be transported in the back of the smallest of cars.

It differs from the Tokyo model, in that it has been specifically designed for the Thoroughbred & Arabian breeds, for their breeding, racing and rehabilitation operations. UK trials, carried out on a racehorse rehabilitation yard, have shown that even the horses with the most unpredictable temperaments or demeanours, walked straight onto this model, and were very relaxed during the whole weighing process.

Reports back from the UK trial, also indicated that the two ramps & one side guide rail made all the difference.

  • The horse did not have to pick up its foot at all, when walking onto the entry ramp, and walking off was much more “horse friendly” with the exit ramp
  • The guide rail made the horse feel much more secure, and therefore it was not minded in trying to step off the platform, during the weighing process
  • Locating the platform next to a wall or fence, very much aided the whole walking-on process for the horse
  • The design mimicked that of a starting stall at the races, which make a horse feel secure and safe, thus eliminating any fear or panic that the horse may have

Other intended uses may well be for the feed, worming or pharmaceutical sales teams, or even the consultants for these companies. This product is also useful to the “very mobile” vet, as he / she needs to have their weighing platform with them at all times, as they travel from client to client. Also it can easily be taken by the trainers of the “International globe trotting” racehorses, as they travel their horses around the globe to race at the “high profile” races; the Tokyo can quite easily be taken on the plane with the horse, as some of the International race courses still do not have their own weighing platforms.

Key Points

  • Astroturf flooring (artificial grasss)
  • Complete aluminium construction + high quality “non-slip” green astroturf(artificial grass) flooring
  • Green rubber – “quirky” horses will go on green astroturf most readily, even in the desert, where there is none
  • Comes complete with a hand-held ‘easy to use’ EziWeigh 5 digital electronic read-out unit which is mains rechargeable
  • Memory function / p.c. compatibility available as optional extras (See: EziWeigh 5 Read-Out Unit)
  • 24 months warranty


Components 6 components – 2 end sections, 1 middle section, 2 ramps and 1 guide rail (2nd rail an optional extra)
Total product weight 111.2 kgs (218.7 lbs) – was 124kgs
Weight: end sections 20.8 kgs each (46 lbs) – was 27kgs
Weight: middle section 24.6 kgs (54 lbs) – was 32kgs
Weight: ramps 10.5 kgs (23.15 lbs) – was 13kgs
Weight: guide rails 12 kgs each (26.4 lbs)
Platform height from ground 12.8 cms (5.03″)
Total dimensions 3.12m long x 0.98m wide ( 122.84″ x 38.4″)
Two end sections 0.41 m long X 0.98 m wide (16.15″ x 38.4″)
1 middle section 1.32 m long x 0.98 m wide ( 51.97 x 38.4″)
Two small ramps 0.49m x 0.98m (19.3″ x 38.4″)
2 guide rails, each in three sections Total dimensions 2.06m x 1.13m (81″ x 45″)
Construction Complete aluminium construction + high quality “non-slip” astroturf (artificial grass)
Green Surface “quirky” horses will walk on to a green surface most readily, even in the desert
Maximum weight capacity 1500kg (3300 lbs)
Overload capacity 3000 kg (6600 lbs) – i.e. any sudden movement – for example, a horse rearing

No horses with studs in their shoes must be weighed on this product. Studs must be removed from all the shoes, before any weighing takes place.


Please note that prices are not published on this website. These are available on request from William Bedell at If you are not located In the U.K., please state in which country you are located in.

For UK orders there is a £200.00 + VAT delivery charge.

Delivery time for UK - 10 working days.


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