The EziWeigh 7i weight read-out unit has all the features of the EziWeigh 5, namely:

  • The EziWeigh 7i has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to remotely link to all computers, as well as the XRS ID Chip Reader, so long as they are within 100m
    All Bluetooth EziWeigh 7i users can use their Smartphones to easily download data stored on their weight read-out unit; for more details see:
    Tru-Test Data Link For Smartphones
    Tru-Test Data Link App For Android
    Apple Mac Compatibility
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Using Tru-Test Data Link App
  • Automatically zeros out any straw, shavings, manure etc on the platform between horse weighings
  • The EziWeigh 7i read-out unit stabilises out after a few seconds guaranteeing +/- 1% accuracy or 2 resolutions (whichever is greater).
  • The EziWeigh 7i read-out unit has a backlight facility, which can be turned on or off, or to a medium setting, depending on the lighting conditions
  • The read-out unit resolutions are set to 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) when the fine mode is ‘off’. The fine mode can be set to ‘on’ (weighing to the nearest 0.1 kg, or 100 g (0.2 lbs) when weighing yearlings, foals, afterbirths, jockeys, feed, dogs.
  • The internal re-chargeable battery is capable of 15 hours continuous weighing. The read-out unit turns itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity, preserving battery charge. It also has a battery charge level icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • The EziWeigh mounting bracket is included.
  • When clients take delivery of their weigh platform, the first / initial charge must be done for 4 hours; This charge gives 20 hours run time (when the backlight is set to “off”). Subsequent charges only take 3 hours. The advanced EziWeigh 7i battery can be charged at any time the user wants to.
  • The weight loadcells never require calibrating and are not affected by changes in temperature, have a total capacity of 3000 kg (6600 lbs), and are qualified IP67 (guaranteed to be waterproof).
  • Please note when weighing small items/people i.e. a jockey he or she must stand in the middle of the platform allowing all four-weight sensors to perform accurately.

Additional features of the EziWeigh 7i (includes all the features of the discontinued EziWeigh 6):

  • Serial communications.
  • File capacity: 100.
  • Fully EID Capable: Indicator that is designed specifically to connect to Tru-Test’s XRP panel reader and is compatible with other brands of panel readers including stick / hand held readers.
  • Allows individual weight recording, with an increased storage capability of 100 sessions – 20,000 records. Statistics can be recalled from previous weighing sessions.
  • Able to record traits or treatments with a common text field.
  • Numeric keyboard and alphabetic keypad.
  • Bluetooth wireless interface to connect to XRS ID Chip Reader.
  • Calculates and displays daily liveweight gain since the horse’s last weighing session.
  • Weighs 1.2kg.
  • Superdamp III TM technology

Comparisons for all the read-out/indicator units available.

All Horse Weigh products use our loadbar electronic technology, which allow the platform to be closer to the ground, i.e. 4.5″ (10.8 cm) making the platform horse friendly. Their robust cables can withstand a horse treading on them without fear of damage.

All loadbars are qualified IP67, which means they are guaranteed to be waterproof. They are robust and stable.

Loadbars have been extensively tested and are supplied on all models of the Horse Weigh. They have been successfully used world-wide, in 37 countries in all climatic conditions.


Total capacity:2000 or 3000 kg (4400 or 6600 lb) depending on load bars used
Resolution:Set to 0.5 kg (fine mode 0.1kg) or 1 lb (fine mode 0.2 lb)
Accuracy:±1% or 2 resolutions (whichever is greater) when used with Tru-Test load bars connected
Power supply:5 V DC (power adaptor)
Operating temperature:-10 to +40 ºC (+14 to +104 ºF)
Storage temperature:-20 to +35 ºC (-4 to +95 ºF)
Internal battery run time:Up to 20 hours with 2 load bars connected
Environmental:IP67 (immersion in up to 1 m (3′) of water)

EziWeigh 7 Quick Start Guide (PDF)

EziWeigh 7 User Manual (PDF)