Horse Weigh clients achieve top strike rate at Royal Ascot 2022

Royal Ascot 2022

Royal Ascot is got underway with some excellent results for Horse Weigh trainers.

Horse Weigh’s strike rate at the start of Royal Ascot 2022 was an impressive 50% Winners and 50% 2nd places.
Horse Weigh trainers claimed 75% of the Group 1 races over the first two days, with three winners and two 2nds.
Shadwell Stud, Baaeed, taking an impressive win in the Group 1 Queen Anne Stakes on the first day, to make it his 8th unbeaten race to date.
Trained by William Haggas and ridden by Jockey Jim Crowley.
mini tokyo horse weigh model shadwell stud colt

Photo featuring a, future star, colt at Shadwell Stud, being weighed on our Mini Toyko platform.

Day 3 & 4 continued with success....

Day 3 did not disappoint with Horse Weigh trainers strike rate improving again.
Now claiming 55% of winners and 65% of 2nd places, with 80% of the Group 1 races won by Horse Weigh clients.
Royal Ascot 2022 proved the importance of Horse Weighing as a critical part of training these top athletes to perform at their very best. Playing a key role towards producing race horses to their optimal ability on the track.
Day 4 saw Horse Weigh trainers strike rate improve further, with winners at 60%, 2nd places at 62% and Group 1 winners at 72%.
That was now 5 WINS for Horse Weigh clients out of 7 possible Group 1 races.
It had been a incredibly hot Royal Ascot so far, where dehydration and rehydration management is so important for these race horses and trainers.
Accurate weighing gives an immediate result, of the rehydration % and especially easy for our clients to manage, who travel their Mini Tokyo model with the horses to Royal Ascot!
Ascot leading owners 2022
Ascot 2022 leading trainers
Royal ascot leading jockeys 2022
Royal Ascot, what a fabulous 5 days it was. We could not be prouder of Horse Weigh’s trainer’s as the last day of racing came to a close.
Horse Weigh’s clients continued there great success of Day 5, meaning our winners, overall, stands at 60% and 2nd places stands at 62%. But most impressively a huge 75% strike rate in the Group 1 races, winning 6 out of 8 possible races.
Horse Weigh would like to say a huge congratulations to all the Jockey’s, Trainers and Owners at Royal Ascot 2022.