The World’s Best Composting Machines is coming to Europe and the UK

Turn organic waste into useable compost and save the environment.

The highly advanced SPS range can consume all types of ‘Organic Waste’

SET saves many clients money by reducing waste at source and in return every business gives back to the environment.

SET is known for; ‘Solving the whole process of ‘Organic Waste’ and closing the loop.’

Turning ‘Food Waste into Food Resources’ is the importance of SET’s vision towards diverting from landfill and achieving its goals!

The mechanical shaft is all our models ensures equal distribution of the enzyme, which ‘easts away’ at the organic waste, and the heating process reduces the mositure content. You are then left with a nutritious compost, which can be sold as a fertiliser.

The NEW SPS250 Composting Machines will be arriving in Europe and the UK on the 29th November 2019 for it’s first trials.

The ‘roaming trial model’  is available for 3-4 weeks trial periods to major operations interested in the ‘game changing’ SPS machines.

For trial enquiries please contact William Bedell at or 07774783247. Please note the trial machine is already booked up till February 2020 so book your trial quickly to not miss out.



Reduces waste by up to 97% and uses the 3% residue as a nutritional fertilizer

Cost Saving (Save on transportation and waste costs)

Saves the Environment (reduces land fill)


Environmentally Friendly

Efficient (Only empty once per week)









Shopping Centers

Educational Institutes

SPS2000 - World's Best Composting Machines

Horse Weigh are extremly excited about the imminent arrival of the SPS Organic Composting Machines around the WORLD!

Available directly from Horse Weigh!

SPS composting machine recycling organic waste

Developed by SET to help companies save the environment whilst saving them money!

SET does this with SPS by transforming organic waste into compost that you can use or sell.

Designed for recycling Industrial Organic Waste, the SPS comes in 9 models or custom made to order:
SPS25, SPS75, SPS250, SPS500, SPS1000, SPS2000, SPS3000, SPS4000, SPS5000.


SPS is our sustainable product solutions. Available is various sizes to suit households, commercial and industrial business’ depending on their amount of waste.

SPS transforms organic waste into compost that you can use, sell or send back to us.

The highly advanced SPS range can consume all types of ‘Organic Waste’, such as: Chicken, Large Bones, Egg Shells, Ingredients, Vegetables, Fruits, Garden Waste, Sludge/ Animal Waste and the list goes on.

The SPS has developed a solution that can deal with all organic matters and not just eliminate one aspect of it, this is what SET is known to do; ‘Solving the whole process of ‘Organic Waste’ and closing the loop.’


Houses, Corporations, Hotels, Restaurants, Factories, Farms, Food Companies, Shopping Outlets, Educations Institutes, Military & Food Markets.


  • Fully automatic machine
  • Empty vessel once a week
  • Combined & efficient system
  • Compost Collection Free-of-Cost
  • Overall 100% conversion (no waste)
  • Lowest electricity consumption
  • No reoccurring cost on additives
  • Service Life 15 years
  • Affordable
  • Accepts Food, Sewage and Garden
compost waste

Interest in finding out more about these incredible machines please visit our SPS page. Alternatively please contact William via email for full details and prices.

Horse Weign Novice Hurdle

Horse Weigh Novice Hurdle (Class 4)

Horse Weigh were delighted to sponsor class 4 the Novice Hurdle at Ludlow Racecourse on 9/10/2019.

The 2 miles 5 furlongs race was won by the 5yo Yeavering Belle, ridden by David Bass and trained by Kim Bailey. 

This exciting horse was breed by Whitley Stud & Tony Meehanand ownded by the KBR sydicate The Belle Stars.

Yeavering Belle winning her Novice Hurdle class here at Ludlow Racecourse

Horse Weigh are excited to be introduing the new Hi-Equi Waste Recovery machine which is going to change the world.

Passionate about making the world a greener place and providing a solution to not only save on waste but save your business money.

Keep an eye out for further updates on this incredible machine coming soon……

EziWeigh 6 Indicator Horse Weigh
EziWeigh 6

Horse Weigh are offering a promotion to the first 14 customers!

When ordering one of our Horse Weighing Platforms you get a FREE read-out unit upgrade to our EziWeigh 6 worth GBP 400. (Equivalent to our EziWeigh 7i without the bluetooth)

Our Horse Weighing platforms come standard with the EziWeigh 5i unit, however with this FREE ugrade to the EziWeigh 6, you will benefit from having all your weights recorded straight to your computer. No external drive required.

Don’t miss out…..first 14 customers only!! Contact our team for further info.


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