Talking to Harry Meade about Horse Weigh

We are delighted to continue working in partnership with Harry Meade Eventing, as such an important part of training his horses, Horse Weigh plays part to the success they are achieving!

What Harry had to say when we caught up with him a few weeks ago,

We closely monitor each horses’ weight with the obvious aim that they should arrive in peak condition at their main target events. However, it’s equally important that they come in from their holiday in appropriate condition and have a smooth tapering throughout the months to their targeted competition weight, without unhelpful fluctuations of gain and loss cycles in between. By regular monitoring of weights and comparisons to previous years’ data for each horse, as well as assessing their look and feel, ensures that every horse is in optimum condition year round. This is particularly relevant when producing horses at the higher levels and flying horses overseas. Thanks to Horse Weigh we’re able to control the small details and ensure every horse is in the best possible shape to perform. This assurance, when combined with the knowledge that they are properly fit, means I can compete with the confidence that nothing is left to chance.

We’ve been weighing our horses regularly for over 10 years and have been working closely with Horse Weigh for the past five. I’m delighted to be continuing our partnership with Horse Weigh for another five years – their support and commitment is greatly appreciated.”